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True to its name, “Seva Trust” stands for Selfless Service.The word, “Seva” originates from the

ancient Indian language called Sanskrit and it means, “Selfless Service”. Seva is plainly defined as

SelflessService and it refers to service which is performed without any expectation of self benefit,

result or award for the person performing it. The word Seva is also sometimes used to denote a

service performed with no apparent 'earthly' result, but which may accrue results in a spiritual or

heavenly realm after death.

The Seva Trust For The blind is a voluntary organization working for the welfare of the

disabled and neglected women and child in the society.

The Seva Trust Registered under trust act in the Year 1991-92. The objectives of the

trust is a education Training and Rehabilitation for needy persons and also establish free

of Hostel for the Blind and deaf and other needy persons.

Haveri district is a intirial part of Karnataka most of the people are below poverty level

and also ill-literacy is more and also most of the peoples are defend upon the dry –land.

some of the social segments are like devadasi-paddathi. Are adjusting as per our serve

in the Year 1990-91.We started disabled project and Women awareness programs .


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